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Recyclable Mannequins Manufacturer

MCD was created by Aimee Weller with a focus on innovation in design & sustainability. Launching a London based design, visual merchandising & mannequin company with sustainability at the heart of what we do.

Striving for a sustainable future we offer a mannequin collection & recycling service and have worked hard to eliminate non-recyclable non-reusable materials in our products. We are now a 100% sustainable business.

Collaborating with talented artisans we create bespoke products and unique concepts for high end brands to high street stores. We pride ourselves on exceeding clients expectations and delivering a high standard of service throughout all projects from concept to completion.

Thriv3 Talent

Sustainable Jobs Recruiting Agency

Founded on the basis of a circular economy, Thriv3Talent realises the importance of long term commitment to sustainability. Simply put we aim to match candidates with complimentary eco-friendly clients. Our passion resides in scaling small to medium sized enterprises, this allows us to have the biggest possible impact on all our clients long term. Our distinct approach allows Thriv3Talent to can give our clients a competitive edge to secure talent above the competition, whilst also ensuring our clients get the talent they need and want.

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